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At Unique Dental Care, we provide a range of services from general dentistry and preventative services to cosmetic, implants, root canal treatment, crown/bridge work, total mouth transformations, cerec (single visit crown) and anti-snoring devices and night guards.

Dental Emergencies

Broken a tooth? Toothache? Accident? Jaw pain or tenderness? No problem! We allow spaces for emergency type appointments to get you out of trouble as soon as possible, and will do our best to see you on the day you contact us. So don’t put up with these problems –[…]

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Restorative Treatment – Tooth-coloured fillings

White fillings are an excellent cosmetic option for restorations, as they are colour matched to your teeth. The filling material is a composite-resin plastic, which is mouldable to the prepared shape (after decay removal or fracture), and then cured by light. This type of restoration is also used when repairing[…]

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General Dentistry/Preventative Services

All of our dentists at Unique Dental Care like to take the “preventative approach” to your oral health. We feel it is important to not only visit a dentist regularly, but for patients to be thoroughly educated on correct cleaning techniques and dietary advice to achieve optimum oral health. From[…]

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Teeth Whitening

Are you 100%  content with your smile? Have your teeth been affected by too much tea, coffee or red wine? Teeth whitening is an excellent way to revamp and brighten your smile! At our practice we offer ZOOM in-chair whitening – which is a 2 hour session designed to brighten[…]

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Botox and fillers

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Cerec (single visit crown)

CERECs are a fantastic options to repair broken teeth. A CEREC crown is a tooth coloured restoration that is created for you in one procedure, onsite at our practice. As this process is digital, it takes out the uncomfortable step of having impression material in your mouth, and having to[…]

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Happy Gas/Nervous patients

There are many people out there that avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid to go. This is not uncommon. Avoiding the dentist can not only affect your dental health, but can also affect your general health too. For those patients we can offer “happy gas”. A small[…]

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Crown & Bridgework

Sometimes, a tooth cannot be adequately repaired with a usual tooth-coloured filling. This is usually the case when a tooth has lost significant natural tooth structure due to decay or fracture. At this time, a crown would be recommended. A crown is a resilient full coverage restoration for your tooth[…]

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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve in a tooth becomes disease of infected. Most common causes of this “tooth death” include deep decay from a cavity, a severely developed crack or by trauma. In order to avoid the removal of this tooth, root canal treatment is used to[…]

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Have you lost a tooth when you were younger and have been left with a gap? Or have you had a tooth extraction and would like a tooth replacement? Are your teeth breaking beyond restoration? Dental implants are a great cosmetic solution to replace a previously lost tooth. They are[…]

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