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Treating infants, children and teens

Over the past decades, decay is becoming more prevalent in children, and from an early age. Research suggests that this is diet-related and also from improper oral health care at home. We want both kids and parents to be aware that decay should not be “expected” and can be easily avoided by proper cleaning at home (brushing twice a day for 2mins and daily flossing) and a low sugar diet.


Decay during childhood can lead to losing teeth earlier than expected. This may mean orthodontic treatment or intervention at a younger age to correct overcrowding or alignment of teeth caused by these tooth losses. Visiting a dentist regularly is vital to detect early stages of misalignment or crowding, and the dentists can refer these children to an orthodontist for assessment and treatment if required.


At Unique Dental Care, our entire team is focused on making every appointment a positive experience. We understand that visiting a dentist may be daunting, and unpleasant experiences can lead to dental phobia and avoidance of dental treatment in later life. After every visit, all children are given a gift to reward them for their behaviour at that appointment and their cleaning efforts at home. The team are driven to ensure all children, no matter the age, are completely comfortable during appointments, and are given the education to maintain optimal oral health at home. For those that are extra nervous, we have happy gas available for appointments (see happy gas/nervous patients)