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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is required when the nerve in a tooth becomes disease of infected. Most common causes of this “tooth death” include deep decay from a cavity, a severely developed crack or by trauma. In order to avoid the removal of this tooth, root canal treatment is used to remove the infected nerve and prolong the life of the tooth in the mouth.


Root canal treatment is a process that is usually completed over 2-3 visits. The process involves removing the infected nerve, cleaning the nerve canals and filling them with a restoration. As a result, teeth that have had root canal treatment may be more brittle and prone to fracture, so we recommend a strong permanent restoration over that tooth (see cerec).


NOTE: If you are experiencing any throbbing/dull pain, pus oozing from any teeth or any hot sensitivity we recommend you contacting our office as soon as possible so we may assist you with an appointment. (see Emergency dental visits)